Equestrian Bit

A cryptocurrency for the Brony community


Name:  Equestrian Bit
Symbol:  EQB
Supply:  3,000,000
Plataform:  Ethereum Network
Standard:  ERC-20

Source Code: https://etherscan.io/address/0x49a3cd046a2a04e947387bc863778098465a248c#code#L1
Team:  @ShobieShy (Founder)
Contract Address:  0x49a3CD046A2a04e947387bC863778098465A248C

Why use it?

Limited supply

Only up to 3,000,000 EQB can exist,

making this token exclusive

Fast and Open source

Since EQB uses the decentralized and open source Ethereum network, transactions are Wonderbolt fast.

The novelty

It's brony crypto, it's funny



A browser extension wallet that adds extra functionality to ERC-20 tokens like Equestrian Bit


MyEtherWallet (MEW)

A feature-rich wallet that's free and user-friendly


How to buy EQB


1. Download MetaMask and create a wallet

2. Deposit ETH into your new wallet

3. Visit https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0x49a3cd046a2a04e947387bc863778098465a248c-ETH and link your MetaMask

4. You can now use Uniswap or ForkDelta as a means to buy EQB with ETH or sell EQB for ETH


Alternatively, you may use one of the contact options at the bottom of the page to get in touch and buy from the ICO directly from us at $0.20 USD for 1 EQB


Note: You may need to add a custom token in MetaMask/MEW with the contract address if the withdrawed EQB doesn't show up. Once added, the EQB held will be displayed.

Price Chart

For now, the best way to see the current price is to view the ForkDelta orders here.

Initial tokens sold are priced at $0.20 per EQB at the time of sell order placement.

Social Media

Updates will be posted to the main Twitter account.


General inquiries may be directed towards shobieshy@eqb.horse or ShobieShy#0001 on Discord

Credit to AnonTheAnon for token logo art